2005 Rotterdam

23rd Annual Meeting August 31 – September 2, 2005 in Rotterdam


Welcome reception in the town hall of Rotterdam.

 dr Muriel Grooteman, winner of the ISBP  best abstract award 2005, presented to her by Takashi Akiba, President of the ISBP.

drs Masakane and Lopot, winners of the ISBP best poster awards 2005.

 Prof Eberhard Ritz, winner of the ISBP award 2005, with Takashi Akiba (President of the ISBP) and Leif Smeby (Gambro corp which kindly sponsors this prize).


 Francesco Locatelli, past president of the society, during his talk on the future of dialysis-related research.

 Salvatore di Giulio (ISBP Vice-president) and Tom Golper (ISBP General Secretary).


 Michael Lysaght (ISBP treasurer), his wife Carmen and Robert Zietse, President of the ISBP meeting 2005.

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