2004 London

From September 3rd through 5th, 2004, the International Society of Blood Purification held its 22nd annual meeting at the Royal Free Hospital in London, Great Britain.

During this meeting Stanley Shaldon was presented with a bust, as a tribute to his contributions to the field of blood purification and to the ISBP society.

Karl Koch, one of the founding fathers of our society, presents the bust to Stanley Shaldon, in the presence of Francesco Locatelli (President of the ISBP) and the artist, Beate Schroedl-Baurmeister.



Stanley Shaldon with the sculpture in London, during ISBP 2004.


Andrew Davenport, President of the 2004 ISBP meeting in London, with Beate Schroedl-Baurmeister.


Sir Peter Morris is presented with the ISBP award 2004 by Francesco Locatelli, President of the ISBP, and Leif Smeby for Gambro (sponsor of the award).



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